20 Social Media Management Tips

Be honest and respectful

  1. Engage in real time at least 80% of the time

  2. Monitor your brand and what is being said by others

  3. Appreciate people who talk highly of you

  4. Reciprocate by sharing your opinion of others

  5. Use consistent visual branding across all social platforms

  6. Don’t spam

  7. Educate your audience with interesting facts and figures

  8. Keep up to date with relevant news and facts

  9. Be a customer service channel for customers

  10. Show you listen to others by responding to them

  11. Ask good questions to get people interacting

  12. Start a competition

  13. Take lengthy conversations offline

  14. Build your reputation by shouting about your achievements

  15. Keep your social media profiles current and updated on all platforms

  16. Ensure your profile is 100% complete to help you improve your search engine rankings

  17. Draw in people from other social platforms to build your overall presence

  18. Support your supporters and none supporters

  19. Have fun!


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